Wednesday, December 31, 2008



Reflects people leaving jobs, no work as we know. Great amount of sadness energetically. Feelings of disappointment and being let down, failure that things are not working out. People are now adjusting to the state of things and have more acceptances. Not realizing that their foundations are built on sand. They can be dissolved and taken away quickly. The opposite occurs where as before some thought their work etc would last forever and go on and those without work think that joblessness will go on and on. Some are having clearer thoughts on how to proceed but not taking action.

Folks are in a more positive mood, and following their heartfelt nature. It is important to keep mind and heart open to new ideas and opportunities, and also have a hand in creating them. Surround yourself by uplifting people situations, music, reading material, turn away from the constant bombardment of negative media etc. very important now to network and get out and around people, talk about ones needs.

Many will continue to feel like their lives are in a continued suspension where work and money is concerned. This is not the whole picture. It is important to see life as multi dimensional. Use your own spirituality as guidance. Meditation is a key to seeing clearly and staying in the moment. This period seems to run about 3 more months thru April/May 2009. People will be challenged to stop repeating patterns of fear to help shift an energetic consciousness. This raises the planets vibration and it becomes faster, this intensifies the law of attraction.

A new beginning for those without work/employment on a physical and financial level. People are seen taking pay cuts, shifting careers, going back to school etc. A slow rebuilding but more stable if done right.

More and more people start to reconnect to the simple joys of life. They "make do" and learn how to be creative as far as finding work and surviving.

Inertia due to heavy depressed emotions, sadness and lethargy, some of which is habit. Self doubt and taking circumstances personally must be eradicated.

Breaks through in this county regarding employment rise. More opportunities are available on a slow building level. This increase starts around mid and late summer. Those that persevere and do not give into the obstacles of the 4 of cups will come out ahead and find work. Law of attraction is at play here.

Monday, October 6, 2008



SUN IN THE PAST....showed people riding the so called wave...wave of success and happiness, but relying on that to be a permanent state. What is recognised is that people look into their past with great honesty and open heart to see what it is that gave them true joy and happiness...this is not on a material and superficial level. The little things...also people have to look to the past and truly understand the teaching of the great sages...Buddha, Christ etc...what gives true great and caring for others...happiness will come if people stop thinking they are being singled out and targeted..the only one to suffer...this is a universal problem...connecting and supporting will bring greater fulfillment and peace and help lesson stress...HAPPINESS IS THERE If PEOPLE STOP LOOKING FOR IT IN SUPERFICIAL WAYS. SUPERFICIAL ONES THAT CAN CHANGE OR DISAPPEAR IN A MINUTE.

4 OF PENTACLES This current energy and placement has developed over the last 2 years. A lot of people sensed things were wrong and out of balance but chose to ignore it. It is time to keep the heart and eyes wide open and see clearly. Spending does need to be curved on personal and larger levels. It is now better to hold on to what you have and make slow and safe choices about what you have, financially. Think in ways to individualize your money to make it grow. Very important to build foundations in all areas financial, community, family, friends, etc...expect a slow rebuilding...and get out of a disaster and isolated way of thinking...SO OPTIONS ARE SEEN.

7 OF CUPS Future trends continue to show confusion over not knowing how to proceed because of clouded emotions and is so important that people keep or keep trying to have a grounded sense of self. By next summer, more into fall people will see some expansion and growth again..however, for the most part as a collective people continue to see things only from an individual point of view not as a unit...this needs to change. It is important not to stay focused on failures, but rather on the positive shifts and movements and what does work.

Without Cards ~

I saw that music is a universal key for creating health happiness and a healing. It helps balance and connect people to their deeper sense of self. Search for music that stimulates you on a deep thinking and spiritual level. Also realize we are ALL experiencing the wheel of life. The wheel that is always turning up and down. People need to take care of themselves and step beyond their comfortable ways of existing and help others who are less fortunate.even if this means reaching out with a phone call and giving a cost there!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Considerations for Booking a Psychic Reading

The first thing you will need to do is to decide the type of reading you want, for example; a tarot reading, spiritual counseling, intuitive psychic reading, intuitive counseling, past life reading, aura chakra reading. There are many different types of readings connected to the psychic realm and you need to make sure the psychic that will be doing your reading can do the type of reading you are requesting.

Psychics have their specialty in the way they read, in the same way a musician may have the ability to play a number of different instruments, but specilizes in one. For example, not all tarot readers are psychic, but most psychic readers can use tarot as a means of bringing the information through. Some psychics, such as myself, can read on many levels.

It is always good to be able to talk to your choosen psychic beforehand to learn about their experience and background. A current photo of the psychic will say a lot about the person, such as, do you get a good feeling or vibe off their energy, can you trust the person and feel comfortable working with them. Having some psychic abilities or intuition does not necessarily make a good psychic. Your reading will only be as good as the clarity and experience of the one bringing the information through.

You should be able to ask questions during the reading and have the psychic tune into your specific concerns for you. It is also very helpful to see if they offer a tape of the reading so that you can listen to and recall the session later on. I find this very helpful as do my clients, as many times during a session it can be hard to take in all the information that was provided. There can be times during the reading when understanding all the information presented can become confusing as the nature of the information coming through can be for the future and not in your present awareness.

With all of that said it is fun to go ahead and experience a psychic reading, take it for entertainment purposes, or as a support in your life to gain guidance and understanding. No matter what comes through in a psychic reading it will be up to you to take from it what you will.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A Brief History of the Tarot

The origin of Tarot is unknown, although everybody seems to agree that the most certain ancestor of the Tarot is an Egyptian book called 'The Thoth Book'. In the Toth book one can find representations of the 22 cards of the Major Arcane.

There is also a book titled 'Le Monde Primitif' from 1781, where Antonie Court de Gebelin explains that the Major Arcane cards may, in fact, it is a reproduction of the 'Toth Book'. It is not until the 15th century, in Italy, when a card game called 'The Game of Triumphs' was invented. It was originally a game, not for divination purposes, but consisted of a series of symbolic picture cards the same as the Major Arcane.

Exactly when it was first used for divination purposes is not known, but it seems that the occultist sects of France and Italy were the first to use the Tarot cards for this purpose. Today it is very common to make readings using Tarot cards, and once you try it, it is easy to get caught-up in its mystery.

Some people see Tarot readers as clairvoyants; a person that has some kind of paranormal abilities that enables them to see beyond the cards illustrations to reveal the future of the consultant. This is far from the truth, as a Tarot reader does not have to be a clairvoyant or a medium. If there is some kind of 'hidden power' it resides in the deck of Tarot cards and in the interpretation of the Tarot illustrations themselves. The ability of the Tarot reader to accurately interpret the cards is relative to their dedication to studying the cards meanings and experience.

Through my many years in the study of and experience in reading Tarot cards, I can help you gain 'real life' enlightenment on Tarot interpretation that will enable you to experience greater self love and help you lead a more joyful, peaceful, healthy and abundant life.

Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom

Today, we see the Tarot as a kind of a path, a way to personal growth through understanding of ourselves and life. To some the Tarot's origin remains a vital question; for others it only matters that meanings have accrued to the cards over the years.

A person may ask the cards about some situation. The cards very directly outline the consequences of some decision, say, whether or not to go ahead with affair, or start some new project. Let us say that the cards indicate disaster, and that the person really can see the likelihood of what the cards predict. Now the person might say, 'Well, this is likely, but my free will allows me to change the situation.' So he or she goes a head and the situation turns out exactly as the cards predicted. The person has not really used free will at all; rather the idea of free will has served as an excuse for ignoring what he or she recognized as a valid projection. This is not a hypothetical situation; it happens again and again with tarot readings. It is not enough just to foresee a likely outcome for us to change or prevent that event. We must understand why it is coming, and we must work on the causes within ourselves for the things we do and the ways we react. Free will certainly exists. We just do not know how to use it. The most important thing we can learn from Tarot readings is just how little we exercise our freedom.

Tarot teaches us many things. One of the most valuable is the necessary balance of objective and subjective, action and intuition.

From SEVENTY EIGHT DEGREES OF WISDOM, A book of Tarot By Rachel Pollack