Thursday, April 23, 2009


As we continue on the journey through the major arcana we arrive at what most decks and readers consider the first card of the major arcana....The Magician. Lets look at it as if the fool our traveler is stopping at different sights along the way of his/her lives journey.I will be using the magician card from the Morgan Greer deck. I love this deck but i have to laugh on a light note the magician looks a little bit like an 80's rock star, hair and mustache. As the fool stops a long the so called highway of life, he/she is met by the magician or the elements of what the magician card conveys. It is here that the fool is offered, displays or acquires the tools to help him proceed along the rest of his journey. We could even look at it as if now the fool is becoming more of a master as the magician.He/she has changes cloths and matured., The magician has found the tools and decided to take them seriously and use them wisely. This is depicted by the fact they are neatly placed on the table before him/her. The tools that are depicted which are normally seen somewhere in placement of any magician card are the sword, rod, cup and coin. They represent the 4 quadrants. The sword representing air(thought), the branch, rod or wand represents fire (spirit), the cup/chalice (emotions,feelings,intuitiveness) and the coin,(earth,material).

The magician who is self aware and awake, he/she will use these tools in all dealings in life. He/she will recognize their importance to his/her existence. Very importantly you will always see the horizontal figure eight above the magicians head. It is the symbol of infinity, signifying complete and endless understanding of self.

Notice that the magician very importantly holds a rod above him/herself and the finger of this left hand points to earth. The rod acts as a conduit channeling the divine. Divine energy travels from the heavens through his/her body to earth. The magician conducts this brilliant energy at will. Using this creates a grounding and completeness. Therefore the magician is one to take inspiration,creation and ideas and make them appear and work on the physical plan. The magician is active and a doer. This is opposite of someone who just "thinks" the ideas and never puts them into action. The magician is someone who does not exist in a reactive state of mind. The magician represents the will and will power. The ability to take thoughts, ideas, etc and create and make them become reality. The magician could easily be compared to a shaman, a medicine man/woman or wizard. Magicians live a life of manifestation. The flowers in the card represent again the divine manifested on earth. We are given samples everyday how divine is manifested as a gift to us. The magician is of a pure mind and has no ill intent thus his white robe.

The infinity sign above the magician head almost looks as if it is sky written or burnt into the brilliant yellow background. It is a larger than life size, which says to me that it is a major influence in the way the magician thinks and gathers information.What can the magician mean for you? This card advises in taking action. Take your ideas and now make honest effort into bringing them into your reality. Realize you have the power,gift and strength to create and manifest what you want. Take action. Just thinking about what you want will only half way deliver. You must take action by using the magicians tools. If you are stuck in your life see how working with the tools of the magician can bring motion and manifest your desires and cause creation. This will happen as long as you are in line with The Divine, Great Spirit, God energy, Buddha Nature.

How would the card of the magician be related to President Obama in appositive sense:

It would symbolize the need for him to remain clear trusting his gut instincts on how to proceed in his matters of concern. Divine guidance would be above him but he must acknowledge it and tap into it. Action and motion would follow the thoughts and decisions. Magicians are not swayed by others. They see clear. More dedication to being clear on his own thoughts and foresight is needed not. Trying to please would disrupt this energy.As any card the magician has it's reversal. That would signify such things as apathy, manipulation, total reactive state, weak will and cut off from the divine, even black magic.

An example of The Magician "gone wrong" would be good ole Bernie Madoff. Quite clearly he represents the negative aspects of what this beautiful card is meant to teach and symbolize.

Next month I will be writing on the The Empress.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How The Fool Card Applies To The Current Ression - How It Can Help You

I would like to share my insight and knowledge about the tarot. This information can be useful for anyone learning the tarot, or just wanting more insight of what the cards are about and how they apply to our lives and experience. I think first I would like to exploration of each card in the tarot starting with the major arcana. I will be using the Morgan Greer deck for these teachings.

We will start with the first and last card of the major arcana The Fool, which opens and closes the circle for 21 cards. Remember with the 22 cards of the major arcana we will explore symbolism, the esoteric and the energetics. This knowledge can be useful in doing a 1 card reading for the self or others.

First it is important to understand that the cards of the major arcana represent the consciousness, unknowing in a zen or Buddhist sense and the rulings of a higher knowledge and cosmic order, along with mysticism. It is important to always remember that these teachings and understanding have been taught, learned and passed on down
through the ages. Some are relevant to the consciousness of the time. Information that has been channeled through limited and unfortunately lost human knowledge, experience and understanding. It is always important to remember yes the cards have interpretations and definitions but nothing is carved in stone. This can be learned by working with various decks with different themes.

In life there is a positive and negative element to all situation. Everything has a polar opposite. It is the same with card so do the cards. They can reflect the positive or negative.

The first card we will examine is THE FOOL.

Some decks like call the fool the card of zero no begging or end. In some decks it start the major arcana and in some it ends it appearing after The World. Again these are my feeling and thinking about The Fool..

For me this card represents beginning, birth, youth emptiness, unknowing, learning, gathering information, androgyny (could be male or female), completion and beginning of a cycle. Someone who has the qualities of this card would have a very new born, youthful sense of approaching life. Wondrous. They would love to jump right in and experience things without worry of the outcome. A risk taker. A impulsive person and also intuitive, they would not be blocked with excessive intellect. They would also understand and be moved by cosmic impulse. They would follow their own path in life.

The Fool = Freedom

As The Fool experiences the journey of life passing through the remaining cards in the major arcana he becomes humbled by life's experience. The Fool can be looked at as the player in the game of life. It you see The Fool landing after The World card he has succeeded in the journey.

The Fool can also mean in approach to situations and things, energetic, emptiness,
space, and going within to start new.

In the Morgan Greer Deck The Fool appears to be going on his journey alone with exception of his pal the little white dog. He looks a head care free not worried. Seen is a white rose,white garment, and white dog. They all represent purity and the divine. The dog who follows eagerly looks like he is barking to get his master or friends attention. Thus the divine trying to wake up The Fool. The Fool needs to take heed to the inner and divine voice within. The dog seems to warn of danger...But...does the fool listen....Do he care what others think? No....But Does he listen to that inner guidance to keep him safe...not always...the negative aspect of the this card.

Any one with this card representing them needs to practice discernment. Also notice that the fool has no real luggage, baggage. He travels lightly, the weight of the world does not way him/her down.

Now with this learned information about The Fool, lets apply it to certain situations. How would the elements of The Fool influence certain situations, people etc.

A Child: The child or teen represented by this card would be going off into the world. One who thinks for him or her self not worrying what other think. They could be heading off to school, to travel alone, a child starting school. Travel to somewhere unknown,which may seem odd to others. Their spirit would guide them there.

President Obama: This card for sure would symbolize his new found journey as president. Energetically he may think he knows what he is in for, but in regard to this card he has not seen the tip of the cosmic iceberg. He may have had experience as a senator, but nothing compares in his experience to what he must journey through now. There would be a deep sense in him that may not know all the answers why he ran and actually one....this unknowing as if a force pulled him into it all. This would be the energetics of The Fool card. As with this card he must stay light on his feet so to speak, but grounded and not carry negative baggage with him into his term. He must pay attention to others needs and remain open. A negative tendency of The Fool is to sometimes be oblivious to others and their needs.

How would The Fool card be applied to the recession/depression we are facing:

Again The Fool remains opens to all possibilities and thinks that way. A trait of The Fool is optimism but not false optimism. The Fool would easily try to push doors open that seems closed or open doors that no one else wants to open. Also The Fool takes nothing personally, and is not bothered by criticism. He/she just explore and moves forward. Very important The Fool is not afraid to ask for help or receive it. The Fool would be a person who finds a new path to take over the same mountain! Again he/she travels with a dog the loyal companion. The loyalist is the guidance of the divine in all situations. On a physical plane it would represent keeping connections of family and friends and loved ones maintained and close during times of hard ship. Very important to The Fool....The journey is more important, fun and exciting that the end result and destination.

Just to touch on some of the negative qualities The Fool card can represent:

Reversed: going to extremes, not paying attention, no focus, doing things on a whim when your gut tells you different. Ignoring those near and dear to you. Focused only on self interest to the exclusion of others. Thinking you know all the answers when actually you don't have a clue or know nothing.

The reversed would also be: experimenting with drugs because of the influence of others. drugs in general, alcohol etc. It would also represent a person who is sick due to vitally blocked chi or prana energy.

Stay tuned for next month to learn about The Magician/Magi

Wednesday, December 31, 2008



Reflects people leaving jobs, no work as we know. Great amount of sadness energetically. Feelings of disappointment and being let down, failure that things are not working out. People are now adjusting to the state of things and have more acceptances. Not realizing that their foundations are built on sand. They can be dissolved and taken away quickly. The opposite occurs where as before some thought their work etc would last forever and go on and those without work think that joblessness will go on and on. Some are having clearer thoughts on how to proceed but not taking action.

Folks are in a more positive mood, and following their heartfelt nature. It is important to keep mind and heart open to new ideas and opportunities, and also have a hand in creating them. Surround yourself by uplifting people situations, music, reading material, turn away from the constant bombardment of negative media etc. very important now to network and get out and around people, talk about ones needs.

Many will continue to feel like their lives are in a continued suspension where work and money is concerned. This is not the whole picture. It is important to see life as multi dimensional. Use your own spirituality as guidance. Meditation is a key to seeing clearly and staying in the moment. This period seems to run about 3 more months thru April/May 2009. People will be challenged to stop repeating patterns of fear to help shift an energetic consciousness. This raises the planets vibration and it becomes faster, this intensifies the law of attraction.

A new beginning for those without work/employment on a physical and financial level. People are seen taking pay cuts, shifting careers, going back to school etc. A slow rebuilding but more stable if done right.

More and more people start to reconnect to the simple joys of life. They "make do" and learn how to be creative as far as finding work and surviving.

Inertia due to heavy depressed emotions, sadness and lethargy, some of which is habit. Self doubt and taking circumstances personally must be eradicated.

Breaks through in this county regarding employment rise. More opportunities are available on a slow building level. This increase starts around mid and late summer. Those that persevere and do not give into the obstacles of the 4 of cups will come out ahead and find work. Law of attraction is at play here.